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Nathan Murillo is an aspiring, professional artist, with a great passion for ultra-minimal, single needle, microscopic art.


Born / raised near Brussels, Belgium, and always interested in art / fashion, he started to pursue a career in tattooing in 2019, after having worked in Fashion for over 10 years. ( Co-founder / designer of Belgian ‘ready to wear’  label O’Rèn. )


Known professionally as ‘Nillo’ his client list includes the likes of Belgian pop/rockstar Koen Wauters, his wife Valerie Debooser, fashion stylist Jani Kazaltzis, Latin diva Belle Perez, Actress Bab Buelens, singers Tonya Schamp, Axeela, and several fashion / beauty influencers who were all drawn to the single needle microtattoos he has become known for.


Nillo : “Tattooing is the only medium where I'm not only able to identify myself as an artist, but it also allows me to create a unique connection with individuals who trust me with their skin. I'm thrilled to be a part of something that a client will cherish for a lifetime."

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